Affiliation vs. White Label Marketing Case Study

Affiliation vs. White Label Marketing Case Study

(ShieldApps Marketing Department)

Having preached the affiliation-to-white-labeling-evolution concept so many times before, we thought a proper case-study might be in place. Taking on and marketing your very own brand (aka White Label) is the first step to entering the the big leagues of software-related marketing.

The following story details the accounts of an affiliate who decided to take that leap and start his own branded venture. Starting with one label, in a year’s time, this ShieldApps partner now successfully runs multiple labels and platforms on a global scale. With his approval to shortly tell his story, anonymously of course, we  mapped out the game-changing steps one could take in order to enter the big league of software-related marketing… The details below map out the way he got started, which in time led to multiple labels and platforms he is now running, worldwide.

One and a half years ago, that affiliate was running PPC traffic via affiliated links and some text ads for an established software brand, thus only profiting from commissions.

After discovering ShieldApps’ white label program at one of the tradeshows, this affiliate decided to take on his own brand and try to maximize earnings by earning more than just commissions on one hand, and advertising on more than just search engines on the other.

The following graph(s) show where this affiliate started, the relatively inactive setup period (branding website, banners, landing pages, new PPC campaigns etc’) and of course, the amazing growth trend following as more monetization channels were adopted, brand recognition was built and optimization took place in the relevant campaigns.

  • Note: these numbers are per one (the first) label only, a success which was duplicated ~month 7 to further products and brands.



Granted, there are no free meals… marketing your own brand might resemble affiliating a known brand, but has many extra layers of activity that need to be understood, learned, adopted and executed accordingly. Marketing channels that were not initially open were now available (your brand = your control in all regards to post installation url’s for example, 1-800 monetization, activation pages monetization, tracking etc’) and of course needed to be created from scratch as they were completely irrelevant in the old fashioned affiliation model.




Visually significant in the charts above is the upward scale. Not a trivial trend for all affiliates and white label partners of course, but in this case a very healthy learning curve that resulted in a very significant month-on-month upscale by all parameters – cost, revenue and profit.

This increase represents a proper utilization of now all-available marketing tools and channels that were initially irrelevant to the standard affiliate-model marketer.

ShieldApps’ white label program has proven itself over and over again. Affiliates, call centers, and other business ventures have all shown this system works. There are opportunities to profit not in just selling software, but the verticals that are associated with owning your brand. Operating your own customized software creates opportunities to grow as a branded venture that is meant to last and by joining the ShieldApps White Label Platform you are not only taking a branded product, but you are also joining one of the strongest software-related ventures in the world. ShieldApps maintains a very close partners network that includes the main players from all aspects of the online software and monetization industry thus ensuring you access and approach to all key players, as needed..