Internet Security Shield allows you to surf the web safely, and protects you from common and uprising online threats. Be it spyware, malware or information phishing attempts, Internet Security Shield’s advanced technology will detect, block and protect your computer – and keep you safe!
Internet Security Shield offers a rare combination of locally on-guard antimalware engine, advanced cloud-based anti-phishing algorithms and corporate level cyber protection to make sure your computer is as safe as it can get, and your online activity remains private and unharmed or abused.






Internet Security Shield Highlights


Discover true anti-tracking freedom! Anti-Tracking Protection allows selective whitelisting of websites that are cleared to use cookies, and collect your information if you so choose, leaving all the others out.


Internet Security Shield combines both local and web based protection from viruses, malware, adware and spyware, thus providing maximum protection!


Internet Security Shield proprietary sentinel algorithms will detect and alert upon any phishing attempt from websites and applications that are trying to track and abuse your personal information!


Internet Security Shield stands guard and alerts upon any malicious website access attempt – allowing you to change your mind before accessing a website or service known to be malicious!

Award winning technology and products.

Professional grade tools to protect you privacy when browsing.

Maximum protection from online tracking, adware and phishing attempts!

Protecting your online activity at all times!

  • Windows® Compatibility:

Internet Security Shield Features

Ease of Use, User Friendly

Internet Security Shield provides a completely seamless protection, detecting, blocking and preventing all possible infections and threats on the go, behind the scenes, without any required manual intervention or noticeable CPU slowdown.

Antivirus and malware protection

Internet Security Shield features a full capacity antivirus and anti-malware engine, utilizing our proprietary Active Protection algorithm to block viruses, spyware, & other malware, and protect you from harmful downloads, spyware threats and potential local file infection.

Website Protection

Internet Security Shield stands guard against malicious websites that are either forcing themselves on your browser or that you have mistakenly stumbled upon. Internet Security Shield detects a threatening url and blocks your browsing attempt to make sure no harm is done as you go into the website.

Identity Protection

Internet Security Shield protects you from identity theft risks at all time by alerting you with every logging attempt of hyour username and password credentials, logged personal information such as your name, address, social security information and even your credit card.

Tracking Protection

Tracking Protection allows you full control of your web privacy settings. as your tracking preferences might change from site to site, Tracking Protection allows selective white0listing websites that are cleared to use cookies, and collect your information if you so choose.

True Incognito!

True Incognito mode can be used to conceal your browsing from logging entities. Your browsing is usually tracked and logged by installed third party components and even by the standard browser settings. Use True Incognito to make sure what you do online, is not being tracked and abused!

Firewall Protection

Internet Security Shield makes sure that your firewall is on at all times, protecting you from online threats right on the spot!

Local and cloud hybrid sentinel protection, combined with legacy and proprietary machine learning algorithms

Protecting your browsing from all online threats!

  • Windows® Compatibility:

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