Mobile Cleaning Utility is an Android version of ShieldApps’ best-selling software – PC Cleaning Utility.

More than just a regular Android cleaner, it offers versatile options designed to enhance your smartphone’s performance.
Within only one swipe, Mobile Cleaning Utility will clean your phone’s RAM memory, boosting system speed, and improve battery life!

Mobile Cleaning Utility helps you take back full control of data usage, Wi-Fi access and storage preferences that were previously controlled by various installed applications.




Mobile Cleaning Utility Highlights

RAM Cleaner

Find every piece of software that is using your RAM memory and free it. Mobile Cleaning Utility allows you to pick which app will use your RAM.

Battery Life Extended

Mobile Cleaning Utility offers three battery mode options for a longer battery life. With a few touches decide how will you spend your energy.

Direct Storage Access

Inside of the app, you’ll be able to see and manage all of the data on your phone.

Application Manager

Control all the applications on your phone and remove permanently each you consider redundant.



Mobile Cleaning Utility lets you enjoy your phone's

Maximum Speed and Performance!

Mobile Cleaning Utility Features

RAM Cleaning

All working apps displayed within seconds, with a detailed intel about their memory usage. Shut each working app by one touch!

Battery Saver

Three modes of battery life saver provide user longer enjoyment in his/her smartphone. Options like backlight, screen timeout, sound volume, data, Wi-Fi, vibration, Bluetooth, Location and screen rotation are all controllable within the modes.

Application management

The option shows all of the installed applications on the phone. Cleaning Utility Mobile allows you to manage them by your liking and uninstall them with one touch.

Completely Free!

Mobile Cleaning Utility is a completely free application, courtesy of ShieldApps for all Android phone owners that wish to boost their phone performance!

Storage Display

A full storage including images, videos, music, applications, and other files will be displayed with options for deleting files. Every file can be viewed from inside the Mobile Cleaning Utility, no matter the format.


Within the settings, users can set up notifications for critical RAM usage and a low level of the battery. Even if there is no need for action the app will notify the user about the phone's state every 12 hours.

Mobile Cleaning Utility lets you enjoy your phone's

Maximum Speed and Performance!