The ShieldApps White Label Software Program.
Our Technology, Your Brand!

ShieldApps’ Software White Label program is specially tailored to software distributors, resellers and affiliates that are ready to step up their software reselling activity to the next level!

The Software White Label program consists of a completely rebranded software, carrying the partner’s brand of choice, preferred color palettes and icon-sets, and allows the white label software partner to utilize multi-tier marketing models easier, increase profits on scalable marketing campaigns, and strategically expand activity to newly available inventory in a more profitable manner.

The ShieldApps software white label program has proven itself over and over again, providing our partners with increased value offering, industry-leading conversion rates, maximized consumer satisfaction and unprecedented ROI – all achievable with our state of the art white label antivirus, white label privacy solutions (helps combating identity theft), our rebranded anti malware and all other available applications.


Privacy Protection & Prevention

ShieldApps' Privacy Shield is a one-stop-shop for most privacy and identity security needs. The privacy tool will wipe out all tracks and records of one's online activity, browsing history, file usage and chat records. The privacy tool allows the cleaning of either all or specific information upon choice, and also enables dummy information embedding within the history files. PC Privacy Shield has been featured and recommended numerous times as one of the best Identity Theft Prevention tools available today!

Don't leave tracks behind

Guard against internet fraud

Protect your personal information

Stop advertisers from prying

Antivirus & Anti-Malware Solutions

Our proprietary Antivirus (Shield Antivirus) protection software keeps you running at peak performance while fully protected! Our Antivirus platform is a full protection solution against all to-date viruses and is compatible with all recent Windows versions. ShieldApps AntiMalware suite is an all-in-one Anti-Malware solution that protects your PC from all known malware, spyware and trojans in real time.

Active Protection

Email virus protection

Peak performance!

24/7 Protection

Anti-Ransomware Solutions

ShieldApps' Anti-Ransomware software protects consumers from ransomware in a way no other solution can. Specially designed for detecting and blocking ransomware prior to any damage, ShieldApps' Anti-Ransomware algorithms blacklist and stop both common and unique ransomware. Once installed, ShieldApps' Anti-Ransomware software stands guard 24/7 utilizing active protection algorithms enhanced with user-friendly alerts and notifications system.

Deep Threat-Scan

Ransomware Detection

24/7 Protection

Active Protection Engine

Windows Cleaning Utilities

Our Cleaning Utilities clean the Windows registry and installation unneeded files and optimize PC performance and stability. With innovative technology and advanced programming, our tools wipe out unused files, and reorganizes the Windows registry to an optimal state, thus provide a smoother computing experience.


Reduce Clutter

Manage PC Health


Password Management & Protection Software

ShieldApps password managers are a light and effective solution for users who wish to save and manage their online user and password credentials in a secure and yet user-friendly way. ShieldApps password manager will maintain the user's privacy by locally storing all relevant user information without any external communication, thus maintainingtop-level privacy and security while providing the user with a very convenient password management solution.

Centralized password storage

Locked workspace

Search option

Create strong passwords

Hard Drive Cleaners

Advanced hard drive space cleaners that enable a detailed scan and a safe cleaning process - thus freeing up needed hard drive space. The hard drive cleaners will scan and map sections of your hard drive and will list all irrelevant files that are safe to be deleted in order to free up more hard drive space. Furthermore, unneeded duplicate files that take up much needed hard drive space will be mapped for deletion (optional).

Complete Diagnostics Report

Boosts Sales!

Establishes Customer Trust!

Unlimited Usage!

Windows Performance Optimizers

ShieldApps’ Performance Optimizers utilize advanced technologies to analyse and clean registry issues. Our optimizers are used to enhance performance within a slow PC by mapping and deleting the unused entries in the operating system (left overs from failed software, past driver installations and faulty uninstallations trials).

Fast and Efficient PC Speed Optimizer!

Prolongs and Maintains Your PC Health

Prevent Crashes & Freezes

Increased Computer Response Time

Mobile Antivirus for Android

ShieldApps' Mobile Antivirus is an Android version of ShieldApps’ flagship security software – Shield Antivirus. The rebranded android antivirus application comes packed with advanced features and detection algorithms that detect, block and delete mobile threats and infections. The Mobile Antivirus application will scan through the phone’s files, both on the phone and on any external memory, searching for threats and malicious files. The app is powered with active protection, guarding the phone 24/7. In addition, Mobile Shield Antivirus features an app behavior analysis mechanism that flags potentially harmful apps on the phone.

Detailed Scan

Active Protection

Scheduled Scans

Peak Performance

Mobile Cleaning Utility for Android

Mobile Cleaning Utility is an Android version of ShieldApps’ best-selling software – PC Cleaning Utility. More than just a regular Android cleaner, it offers versatile options designed to enhance your smartphone’s performance. Within only one swipe, Mobile Cleaning Utility will clean your phone’s RAM memory, boosting system speed, and improve battery life! Mobile Cleaning Utility helps you take back full control of data usage, Wi-Fi access and storage preferences that were previously controlled by various installed applications.





The ShieldApps Software White Label Features

Your choice of logo Your choice of layout Multi lingual interface Your icons and color choices Your support number per language (optional) Your choice of background

Quick setup dedicated project management and 24/7 technical support

100% brandable design - your theme, your colors, your brand!

Multi lingual versions - over 30 languages supported!

Rich administration panel with full outbound link control, real-time statistics, key management and more!

Installers-as- needed... Regular, wrapped, bundled - you name it, we'll make it...

The software white label pricing is multi-tiered and planned to accommodate any size of business, from a small-newbie to large corporate partners. Big or small, your software white label will feature all available technical attributes and assets!

You are only paying for the premium licenses you are about to sell! Design cost is waived, and so is the set-up fee!

Why Shieldapps

The Shieldapps team has been around for over a decade, and is a combination of marketing veterans and code-wizards. That mix & match of professionals is there to make sure you get top notch software that works perfect, and converts amazing!

Can-Do-attitide! We have seen it all, and done it all. Which ever marketing methods you use, we are able to mach our partnership models to your current business. Furthermore, our rebranded software will be molded into your designated way of marketing, in order to assure the highest conversion rates.

Flexibility - ShieldApps features both infrastructure flexibility as well as marketing open-mindedness. Each label that comes out of our labs is super targeted as its specific audience, and bares unique user interface and conversion tools to maximise its value for both our partners and their users.

Unprecedented responsiveness. With teams in all major time-zones, our staff is 1 Skype/phone call away at all times for any needed support or inquiry.

Knowledge Base - As our success depends on our partners success, we feel obligated to share our experience and strategic know-how with our partners, thus contributing our own 2 cents to the game.

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