PC Privacy Shield’s Business Edition will wipe out your end-point’s digital footprint. Your computers’ browsing history, file usage and chat records, as well as sensitive client information that may have been digitally used will be wiped clean from all digital tracking mechanisms and loggers that may reside on your browsers and installed on your computers.

PC Privacy Shield is used to both defend businesses’ internal information from external phishing attempts AND to keep the computers clean of unneeded sensitive data logs and records.

PC Privacy Shield’s Business Edition will also alert upon logging attempts of user/password credentials and make sure that those are not saved and logged onto the end-point, thus making it exposed and available to hacking and information theft attempts.

PC Privacy Shield can be fully automated to scan and protect your business’ privacy at all times!

PC Privacy Shield Highlights

Delete your Digital Footprint

Leave no tracks of your business' online activity over the web or locally on the end-point.

Guard against Internet Fraud

Prevent phishing and identity theft by stopping hackers, scammers and fraudsters dead in their tracks

Protect your Business' Information

Sleep better at night knowing that your business' professional and clientele's data is safe from exposure and theft.

Prevent Data Leaks

Automatically delete cookies that 3rd parties place on your PC to collect sensitive information.

Award winning technology and products.

Professional grade tools to protect your business digital privacy.

Protect your business' information with the utmost advanced solutions!

Keep your business' private information - PRIVATE!

  • Windows® Compatibility:

PC Privacy Shield Features

Information theft protection

PC Privacy Shield protects your computers from information theft by revealing where your phone number, email, physical address and credit card information are stored on your computer.

Login credentials leak protection

PC Privacy Shield performs a deep scan for usernames and passwords that are logged on the end-point browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari). You can immediately remove them and make sure they don't stay on the computer after each session.

Scan for threats

PC Privacy Shield lets you easily scan your PC or laptop for any potential threats. The dashboard will instantly display the PC's vulnerability by revealing any potential security and privacy issues.

Real-time protection

PC Privacy Shield detects malicious threats to private information in real time and lets you delete them before they cause harm.

Deep cookie-scan & clean

PC Privacy Shield will search your computer of any undesirable cookies that are found on it. This will help protect you from aggressive advertisers as well as malicious hackers.

Scheduled Cleaning

With PC Privacy Shield you can clean your computer any time, and even program scheduled cleaning just in case you forget.

Clean or replace your browser history

PC Privacy Shield lets you selectively delete or replace websites that have been visited and remain stored on your browser history.

Alerts & active guard suite that protects your personal data &

alerts of phishing activity in Real Time!

  • Windows® Compatibility:

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