Mobile Shield Antivirus is an Android version of ShieldApps’ flagship security software – Shield Antivirus. The app comes packed with an advanced features set and detection algorithms that detect, block and delete mobile threats and infections.

Mobile Shield Antivirus will scan through your phone’s files, both on the phone and external memory, searching for threats endangering your phone’s health.

Each aspect of the scan can be controlled – the scan areas, time, and date, giving you full control over the software.

The app is powered with active protection, guarding your phone 24/7. In addition, Mobile Shield Antivirus features an app behavior analysis mechanism that flags potentially harmful apps on your phone.


Mobile Shield Antivirus Highlights

Detailed Scan

Mobile Shield Antivirus’ algorithms look deep into your files and folders looking for potential threats.

Active Protection

The app takes care of your safety at all times, no matter if the source or timing of the attack.

Scheduled Scans

Schedule your automated scans, allowing the app to keep your phone safe at all times.

Peak Performance

The app is designed to maintain your phone’s processing capabilities and not affect any performance parameters.

Mobile Shield Antivirus monitors and protects for every known malware.
Enjoy every moment using your phone

knowing you are safe and sound!

Mobile Shield Antivirus Features

Virus Protection

Mobile Shield Antivirus’ primary function is to protect you and your phone from any potential malicious attack or infection.

Real-Time Protection

Thanks to its advanced algorithms Mobile Shield Antivirus is always on top of every rising threat informing you about potential danger instantly.

Scheduled Scans

Automate the virus scan and protection settings to keep safe at all times.

Privacy Advisor

Monitor the permissions of the apps installed on your device, categorize them by danger level and remove them from inside the app if needed.

Automatic Updates

It’s well-known that the source of most attacks is outdated applications. Mobile Shield Antivirus keeps itself updated at all times without involving you in the process.

Detailed Reports

After each scan, you’ll be provided with a report on malware detected. The information can be useful for future prevention.

History Report

Mobile Shield Antivirus keeps track of each scan and clean action you take. You can always revisit your last scan and keep track of your phone’s infections over the time.

Use the maximum capacity of your phone and relax with the

Mobile Shield Antivirus.