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Shield Antivirus - All in one computer security!

Shield antivirus offers protection from all to date viruses, trojans, and malware. ShieldAV offers active protection from threats and is set to monitor, block, and alert whenever a threat is detected. The software’s light installation process makes it easy to install and will only takes minutes after downloading until the user’s computer is fully protected.

  • All in one PC security
  • Real-time active monitoring and protection
  • Email virus protection
  • Removable device scanning/USB protection
  • Quick, full, and custom scans
  • Removal of unwanted browser cookies
  • and many many more features!

PC Privacy Shield - Super charged privacy suite!

PC Privacy Shield will wipe out your online activity's digital footprint, including your user and password logs, browsing history, file usage and chat records. PC Privacy Shield cleans either all or specific information upon choice, and also enables false/dummy information embedding within the history files.

  • Cleans your logged user / password credentials!
  • Cleans Your Local Activity History.
  • Cleans Online/Internet Browsing History.
  • Personalized Anonymity Preferences.
  • IM & Chat Records Compatible!
  • Automated / Scheduled Cleaning

PC Cleaning Utility - Clear your PC of Unnecessary Clutter!

Use PC Cleaning Utility to clean your PC of files that are clogging and crowding your hard drive. PC Cleaning Utility is a system cleaner that makes cleaning your computer a safe and simple process. Over time a computer becomes full of files that eventually clog the hard drive. PC Cleaning Utility cleans files that could be causing your computer to perform at a substandard level. By cleaning up problematic files, PC Cleaning Utility will help prevent system crashes and freezes.

  • Cleans Registry Issues
  • Prevents Crashes and Freezes
  • Defragmenters
  • Start-up Manager
  • Scheduled Automatic Scans
  • Quick and Easy Install
  • and many more features!

Hard Disk Shield - Advanced hard drive cleaner!

Hard Disk Shield is an advanced hard drive space cleaner that enables a detailed scan and a safe cleaning process – thus freeing up needed hard drive space. Hard Disk Shield will scan and map both local and online sections of your hard drive and will list all irrelevant files that are safe to be deleted in order to free up more hard drive space. Hard Disk Shield will delete (upon your choice) unneeded duplicate files that take up much-needed hard drive space.

  • Document Duplicates Finder!
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation.
  • Report Automation.
  • Large Files Mapper!

PC Registry Shield - Powerful Registry Cleaner!

Use PC Registry Shield to fix your Windows® registry errors and optimize your PC performance. With innovative technology and advanced programming, PC Registry Shield speeds up your PC and optimizes its performance. PC Registry Shield fixes file errors, wipes unused files, and reorganizes your Windows® registry to be optimal.

  • Scan, Allocate & Fix Your Computer’s Registry Errors
  • Improve Your Computer’s Performance
  • Defragmenters
  • Prevent Crashes & Freezes
  • Scheduled Automatic Scans
  • Quick and Easy Install
  • and many more features!

PC Password Shield - Keep passwords safe and secure!

Password Shield is designed to be a user friendly way to securely store all of your passwords in a centralized location. Simply remember the master password and all stored information is just seconds away from being accessed. Password Shield organizes passwords by email, bank, gaming, etc. It is easily configurable and customizable allowing users to add information as well create custom categories to organize data. Downloading and installing Password Shield takes only a few minutes.

  • Centralized password storage!
  • Easy login process.
  • Strong and Diverse Passwords.
  • Local and Secured password storage!
  • Locked work-space.

Shield PC Diagnostics - Powerful Deep Scanning Suite!

The PC Diagnostics tool is a deep scanning software that allows your representatives to run a scan during a support or sales session, showing the customer exactly where problems and concerns might be, and thus establish both trust and professional position prior to the sale.

  • Scans all hardware profiles!
  • Scans all viable software installations.
  • Checks for existing vs. recommended hardware status.
  • Checks for privacy and security vulnerabilities!
  • Provides highly detailed results summed up into a user friendly Status Report.

PC WebCam Shield - Coming Soon!

PC WebCam Shield utilizes top notch web security protocols and algorithms to lock your webcam from external use. Turn PC WebCam Shield on and you can be 100% sure that no one is using your webcam to peep into the privacy of your domain.

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