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Shield Antivirus

Shield Antivirus provides you with the most up to date protection. Aggregating multiple virus databases and utilizing top notch cloud technologies, Shield Antivirus is the best Antivirus solution available today to both consumers and businesses worldwide. Be it viruses you fear, or spyware and malware you are trying to avoid – Shield Antivirus is the right choice for you!

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PC Privacy Shield

PC Privacy Shield is a one-stop-shop for all your privacy and identity security needs. PC Privacy Shield will wipe out all tracks and records of your online activity, browsing history and chat records. PC Privacy Shield allows you to clean either all or specific information upon choice, and also enables dummy information embedding within the history files.

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PC Cleaning Utility

PC Cleaning Utility is a simple way for users to clean their PC. Over time a computer's hard drive becomes clogged and clutter with unnecessary files. Use PC Cleaner to clean up a computer's hard drive in minutes. This software cleans file issues resulting in less frequent computer freezes and crashes.

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PC Registry Shield

PC Registry Shield is an Advanced PC Registry Cleaner & Optimizer! PC Registry Shield Fixes Your Registry Errors And Realigns Your System Registry Files to Optimize Your PC Speed! PC Registry Shield Has A Free Scan, Analyze And Report Function, And It Is Built For The Common People – No Technical Knowledge Needed!

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Hard Disk Shield

Hard Disk Shield is a top notch hard drive cleaner and protection software! Hard Disk Shield will scan your hard drive for unneeded files, duplicate documents and software remains and will allow you to swipe them clean, thus leaving your hard drive cleaner, more stable, and with much more available storage space.

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Password Shield

Password Shield allows the user to maintain privacy by locally storing all user information without the need for external communication. No need to write passwords on paper anymore, Password Shield is a convenient password management solution that provides top of the line privacy and security from unwanted threats.

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PC WebCam Shield - Coming Soon!

PC WebCam Shield utilizes top notch web security protocols and algorithms to lock your webcam from external use. Turn PC WebCam Shield on and you can be 100% sure that no one is using your webcam to peep into the privacy of your domain.

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