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Ransomware Defender

The most advanced and comprehensive anti-ransomware solution

Cyber Privacy Suite

Minimize Your Online Exposure,
Stop Being Tracked!

ShieldApps Webcam blocker

Block any external attempt to hack your webcam or microphone!

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Complex Software Innovations Made Accessible to Consumers!

ShieldApps caters to the computer none savvy audience and provides an easy to install,
one-stop-shop to all computer performance, maintenance and security related tasks.

Consumer all-in-one anti malware and spyware solutions.

Automated OS tweaks and performance optimization.

High-grade, user friendly digital privacy enhancements!

Proactive computer maintenance utilities and automators.

Personal information and data management applications.

Award winning technology and products, trusted by more than 50 million users, in 138 countries worldwide!

Professional grade user-friendly tools to boost your computer’s performance, and your online privacy!

Why ShieldApps

Super lean and targeted software! our applications are tailored to cater very specific needs, and do not over-feature unneeded extras - assuring you a direct solution to your specific need. Super lean and targeted software!

Professional grade power and performance packed in a friendly, fully automated consumer interface. Enjoy super sophisticated algorithms without understanding 1 line of code!

Trusted by more than 50 million users worldwide, with unprecedented user-loyalty and satisfaction!

Transparency and honesty! Our software does what it should do, and only that. We have no secret agendas, no bundled addons, and your information is always safe.

Worldwide, multilingual, unlimited, support!

We believe that complex technologies can have a user-friendly
affordable application, making it available to the common people


Malicious attempts stopped every day!


Registry repair success rate!


In cleared hard drive space daily.


New installs every day!


Private information log-attempts blocked daily!


3 clicks process from installation to a cleaned PC! I was just about to give up and buy a new computer when I came across your service. I purchased 2 of your apps, and that's really all I needed... Thanks!

Julia D.

Shield Antivirus is by far the most easy, user friendly antivirus I have had. The installation was so quick and easy, and the auto-settings pretty much took care of everything for me… No need for any technical knowledge, Easy & Recommended!

David J.- Washington DC

Everything's cleaned with a single click!! This is by far the easiest and most convenient service I came across... Why pay a technician to do this when I can do this in 2,3 clicks myself?! Thanks!

Lory M.