ShieldApps’ products portfolio is available to the ShieldApps Partners Program members also as a cross-sell (and upsell) addition. The Cross-Sell program is most suitable to online sellers that are looking for a way to increase their average order value while leaving their leading product/offer intact.

Adding a ShieldApps’ product to your cart either before, during or after the checkout will increase your average order value by an average of 30%-40% at no additional marketing cost!

Adding a product to your sales-funnel is safe, easy, and requires almost no effort at all, and furthermore – you are not limited or bound to any specific cart provider! Our award winning software can be easily added to any type of offer, complimenting your existing sales effort and product promotions.

The Cross-Sell Program allows the added products to be sold at your pricing-points of choice, and under any sales-conditions and terms you see fit.

Easy to Join

Competitive Pricing

High Conversion Rate

No Minimums

The ShieldApps Cross-Sell Program Highlights and Benefits

Business Compatibility

Our products portfolio can be easily implemented into your marketing strategy and sales funnel. regardless of your business’ size and sales volume, our products will add to your revenue per sale, and increase your overall income .dramatically.

No Minimums

There is no minimum-order -quantity for any of the products. Once you have joined our program you can buy as many or few of the products as you see fit, and sell them at your own pace.

Super Competitive Pricing

ShieldApps’ cross-selling program features aggressive partner-pricing to allow both higher margins and KPI’s, as well as less financial constraints and considerations when joining the program.

The Highest Conversion Rate

ShieldApps’ products have proven themselves as the highest converting desktop products available today. With a spotless sales records and the vast experience we have, our software guarantees success and maximized ROI.

Free and Easy to Join

No initial investments are required to join the program, no membership or setup fees what so ever. Onboarding the program is quick and easy!.

Multilingual Software

ShieldApps’ products portfolio is localized at more than 30 languages. Be it the more popular markets or remote niche-verticals you are targeting, our software will be localized to that specific region’s language

24/7 Customer Support

Both our partners and customers are enjoying a friendly, multilingual support, that is available 24/7 worldwide.