Software Usage

So, you have your white label software all ready and good to go. Site is up, files are ready… Now what?

I am frequently asked (by our clients/partners) for referrals and recommendations for extra monetization and revenue stream ideas.

This article aims to cover the possible monetization options one comes across. I am going to make an educated guess and say that I will not manage to cover all monetization options, but will try to cover the mainstream ones at least. One problem worth mentioning in advance; this industry has one of the most complex and multi-layered business maps known to man… Not only are there numerous types of business partners involved, each with its own technology and monetization solution – but some have also several interest-angles dependent on the way you cooperate with them.

There are several common monetization paths that are the first ones usually to be explored:

Trial to premium (aka ‘Freemium’) is a very, if not the most common model out there among software owners. Provide your users with a free to try version that has some limited functionality and prompt them to purchase/upgrade in order to enjoy a fully functional software for the lifetime of the license they have purchased. Pros: very straight forward, no hidden agenda and technical attributes, no privacy intrusion and/or any other elements installed with/out consent, easily compliant with all rules and regulations, low chargeback and refund rates. Cons: its value as monetization solution will depend on your marketing strategy and distribution. Will not suite 100% of the prospects for that very same reason. What you need to get started: A proprietary or white labeled software that works at a Freemium model.

Which ever slot you fit in, feel free to reach out, consult, and ask for specific referrals. I will be more than happy to introduce you to our partners in each and every vertical of the above.