Introducing Mobile Cleaning Utility!

Based on our best-seller PC Cleaning Utility, we are proud to introduce our first Android application –  Mobile Cleaning Utility!

Mobile Cleaning Utility features similar technical attributes to its Windows brother, but rather than dealing with hard drive issues, the mobile application takes care of the phone’s RAM and battery consumption.

Mobile Cleaning Utility is available now to all of our new or currently registered users of PC Cleaning Utility.

Existing customers that would like to claim their complimentary application need only update their PC Cleaning Utility version to the latest available version, whereas new customers will have that option available upon first product registration.

Once you have applied for your copy of the application, we will ask for your email address, to which we’ll send you the invitation to download the mobile app.

Our known user-oriented interface takes place in the mobile app too, providing a simplified interface and control panel. Within one swipe you’ll reinvigorate your Android operating system, boost your RAM and increase your battery’s life.

The app’s main focus is your phone’s RAM consumption. Mobile Cleaning Utility will show each running app and its

memory usage, allowing you to pick which apps will use the phone’s RAM. With application and file manager on hand, you’ll be able to perform a detailed cleaning of other areas of the phone as well. Built in file manager lets you preview all the files in-app before you decide what will happen with them. The app manager allows you to overview each detail about the apps on your phone. With it, you can erase the data piled up, a cache of the app or the app itself.

Now you can improve your battery life with three optional modes, each of them customizable per your liking.

You can also control Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, vibration, sounds, display, energy preferences on your phone.

To make everything easier for you, Mobile Cleaning Utility comes with an advanced notification system;

If your phone reaches the critical point, the app will prompt you, and regardless – a daily status report will be available, displaying every important detail of your phone’s system.

Try Mobile Cleaning Utility today with a single click on your registered version of PC Cleaning Utility.