Mobile Identity Theft Preventer protects private information through the removal of dangerous applications from your Android device, through app’s permission monitoring, and camera and microphone abuse control.

Mobile Identity Theft Preventer features a Privacy Advisor which watches over your device’s privacy matters 24/7. Privacy Advisor divides the potentially dangerous applications into three categories, based on their privacy-risk-potential level. With one click, you’ll be able to remove every threat and maximize your Android device’s privacy settings.

Another advanced feature is a camera and microphone blocker. It allows you to turn on and off each device separately, as well as their use within the installed apps. Mobile Identity Theft Preventer gives you a powerful counter-hacking tool since criminals abuse both camera and microphone to obtain private, identity-related information.

Mobile Identity Theft Preventer Highlights

Privacy Advisor

Lists all of the permissions apps on your system have, warning you about the potential privacy dangers.

Danger Level Report

Divides potentially hazardous apps into three categories, providing detailed information about the privacy dangers coming from the use of the certain app.

Camera Control

Blocking internal and external attempts to open the device’s camera, and assures maximum personal privacy.

Microphone Control

Blocks any attempt to access your device’s microphone.



Identity Theft Preventer fulfills

all your privacy needs!

Mobile Identity Theft Preventer Features

Privacy Advisor

Monitor the permissions of the apps installed on your device, categorize them by danger level and remove them from inside the app if needed.

Permissions Overview

Lists all of the permissions applications might have and warns about potential troublemakers.

Camera and Microphone Blocker

Controls the use of devices separately, both on the system in general and each application installed.

Automatic Updates

Identity Theft Preventer keeps itself up-to-date at all times without involving you in the process.

Protecting your privacy was never as easy! Stay safe wherever you are, whatever you do

Identity Theft Preventer!