ShieldApps Donates $45,000 to The Digital Security Foundation

ShieldApps prides itself on being a part of a community that restlessly fights cyber-crime, be it virus infection attempts, ransomware or any general form of cyber-attack attempts.

Earlier this month ShieldApps has joined The Digital Security Foundation (Die Stiftung Digitale Sicherheit), a German non-profit organization, in its cyber-safety campaign and education message, and donate $45,000 to their cause.

About The Digital Security Foundation

The Digital Security Foundation has been founded to enlighten, explain, prevent, warn, and provide assistance to victims of cyber-crime.

The foundation’s primary goal is to raise consumer-awareness to cyber-crime, and available tools to fight it. The Digital Security Foundation achieves their goals through customer education, data collection, and expansion of its collaboration network. The Digital Security Foundation welcomes new partners and organizations that share the same vision.

The communication with the consumers is exercised through regular blog posts and webinars. Both contain valuable information about internet security and privacy protection. The content is simple, so the common user can understand, and use the provided knowledge.

We urge you to visit the foundation’s website and join their mission. Also, interested visitors may apply and get a free, fully-featured Shield Antivirus.