ShieldApps Expands Portfolio with an Advanced New Identity Theft Protection Software

(Taken from an official public announcement, June 2017)
With PC Privacy Shield being the company’s flagship product for the past 3 years, and unarguably the most popular digital privacy protection product in North America, ShieldApps Software Innovations introduces an even more privacy-enhanced solution to consumers  – Identity Theft Preventer .


ShieldApps having dedicated all efforts to security and privacy enhancement solutions shed a new perspective on how to keep one’s identity safe from cybercriminals. Identity Theft Preventer closely pays attention to hundreds of micro-parameters on a computer, looking for exposed data that can potentially endanger one’s identity. Information logged and stored by browsers, such as login credentials, to web-mail services, banking portals, health provider’s web-accounts and social networks, as well as billing information gathered, such as credit cards numbers, social security information, home address and more – are all reported back to the consumer as potential privacy concerns, and can be resolved in a click.

Identity Theft Preventer features an upgraded detection mechanism that scans and flags sensitive information detailed within documents, such as bank statements and medical bills that are locally stored, but more important – ShieldApps are unveiling their newly developed webcam and microphone blockers that provide tight security from any and all external breach attempts to the computer’s audio or visual port.

Identity Theft Preventer carries ShieldApps trademarked ease of use, and the exact mixture of a features-rich product with a user-friendly interface to address both technically savvy users as well as those that are not.

Identity Theft Can Become a Thing of the Past

“Identity Theft Preventer packs powerful features and very advanced technology molded into a consumer-friendly interface. We have tried, and believe that we have succeeded, to provide consumers worldwide with a viable solution to an evolving “cyber risk”, that does not require them to have any cyber-security understanding what-so- ever” says Moshe Layani, ShieldApps Software  Innovations’ President.

Identity Theft Preventer is available directly to consumers through the company’s website and certified resellers.

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