ShieldApps Antivirus & Anti Malware SDK Program features a perfect combination of a military-grade antivirus threat detection engine, the most comprehensive and up to date threats database and complete integration freedom!

The ShieldApps Antivirus SDK provides full access to our award winning threats detection algorithms and databases, to be custom-connected to your own software and applications as needed.

The Antivirus SDK provides comprehensive detection capabilities for a wide range of malicious files including Trojans, worms, rootkits, viruses, spyware, adware and macro viruses, and can be used to power a standalone anti-malware or antivirus product, email protection suite and multiple back end solutions as the powering detection engine and active threats library.





The ShieldApps Antivirus SDK Highlights and Benefits

The perfect combination of a military-grade antivirus threat detection engine, the most comprehensive and up to date threat database and complete integration freedom!

Business Compatibility

ShieldApps SDK program features various business models and pricing structures, all provided to compliment the OEM partners’ strategic agenda and needs, for easier strategic and financial integration with their current business models.

Real Time Updates

ShieldApps Dynamic Threats Database incorporates proprietary technology that proactively pings all OEM partners upon each update in real time.

Prioritized Support

ShieldApps Partner Programs staff is available 24/7, worldwide to accommodate all questions, concerns and needs that may come up. Partner inquiries are treated immediately and escalated to a professional level2-3 integrations specialists as needed.

Seamless Integration

ShieldApps antivirus SDK provides complete transparency of service, thus enables a true seamless integration, with the OEM branding and positioning intact.

Dynamic Threats Database

Updated multiple times daily the ShieldApps Dynamic Threats Database core remains the most comprehensive threats database available to OEM partners worldwide.

Infrastructure Agility

ShieldApps antivirus SDK platform allows both simple and complex modifications to be applied, in order to comply with the OEM partner’s current or envisioned front-end platform.

Scalable Infrastructure

ShieldApps antivirus SDK infrastructure has been built from the ground up with stability and scalability in mind, allowing all OEM partners to scale up their SDK usage smoothly.

Smooth Implementation

The Antivirus SDK has been built to match 99% of all OEM partners needs at its as-is status, enabling a relatively fast time-to-market implementation.