Mobile Shield Antivirus – Now Available on the Google Play store

The leading malware-fighting software by ShieldApps Software Innovations is now available for Android-powered mobile devices!

Only a few months past its first Android release, ShieldApps reveals and deploys yet another top-notch application. Having strategically decided to expand its mobile division, ShieldApps introduces Mobile Shield Antivirus, a mobile application focusing on personal data protection, malware detection and removal.

Mobile Shield Antivirus is equipped with an active protection engine, real-time notifications mechanism, and automatic updates. Mobile Shield Antivirus’ algorithms provide enhanced mobile security, yet do not affect the phone’s performance or battery efficiency and lifespan.

Mobile Shield Antivirus is designed for the technical none-savvy users, thus is simple to install and utilize, and offers a completely hands-free experience via automated scans, predefined settings and more. The application includes an innovative mechanism called Privacy Advisor – an advanced permission detection algorithm that lists the permissions requested by each installed application – and ranks its potential privacy risk. Privacy Advisor classifies apps into three categories allowing users to see what could endanger their personal information and data – and allows a quick removal of the relevant applications.

ShieldApps’ board of directors has released a formal statement alongside the recent product release:
“We are following our planned strategic expansion into the mobile security vertical. We believe that Shield Antivirus’ mobile version will properly represent the effectiveness and quality associated with our brand name. Mobile Shield Antivirus is our response to both our customers’ feedback as well as the consumer cyber-security market needs. We are confident that it will be the first of several mobile-security products that we are about to release that with time, will lead the mobile cyber-security and privacy applications vertical.”

The application is very easy to install, and light, which is one of its greatest advantages as most of the Android users deal with system file clogs and excessive memory consumption. Mobile Shield Antivirus is available on both ShieldApps’ website and through the Google Play Store. The trial version of the product is fully featured, and provides the user 15 days to fully evaluate the application prior to purchase.

Mobile Shield Antivirus is Available Here: